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Newton - Auburndale

The Reverend Charles duMaresque Pigeon, grandson of an eighteenth-century local notable, is credited with being responsible for persuading the railroad to introduce a flag stop on its line two miles west of West Newton. This led to a flurry of real estate activity: there were three major sub-divisions in 1847 alone. Such were the beginnings of the village that became famous as the home of Norumbega Park and the Riverside Recreation Area on the Charles River.

The number of clergymen living in the village in the early years prompted the light-hearted to call it "Saints Rest", but "Auburn Dale", attributed to the Reverend Pigeon, was in general use from the beginning.

Development of the southern part of town was unaffected by the Boston and Worcester Railroad, and when the Charles River Railroad was built in 1852, carrying passengers was not its primary purpose. Only when the two railroads were joined to form the Circuit in 1886 did substantial growth take place there.